Your Trichology questions answered

What happens in a Trichology Appointment?

An initial Trichology Appointment typically lasts around an hour.

During the appointment our Trichologist will discuss your hair care, lifestyle, diet, medical history and will explore what your hair and scalp concerns are.

An in-depth examination using both a magnifier and scalp microscope will be carried out with images where necessary captured and added to your file.

Once the consultation and examination are completed Eva will give you a diagnosis and will discuss and explain exactly what the condition is, what it means and all of the options available for treating or managing your condition, with an individually tailor-made plan for each patient.

Treatment plans at the Hair Ott Clinic tend to cover dietary requirements, specific supplements and topical treatments there is no “selling” or “tie ins” we give you the information to make a choice that works for you, our prime concern is the health of your hair and scalp, not product sales.

Eve’s next health clinic is on Monday 25th November, 2019 at Hair Ott Lakeside please call Eve direct on please call her directly on 01788 819325 or email (quoting ‘Hair Ott’).