How to look after your Hair Ott colour at home

So now you’ve had a fantastic new colour created by one of our amazing designers we need to think about how we look after this piece of priceless artwork…


Step One – Avoid vigorously shampooing your new colour for 24 hours, wet the hair, condition the hair, stand under a cascading waterfall if you must but please allow the hair to settle. This is especially important for the more synthetic colour lovers among us.

Step Two – Use the high quality professional shampoo and conditioner which your hair designer recommends… “But you’re just trying to flog me more products I hear you cry! “..  Yes, I am and with good reason…  We as professional Hair Designers only ever use the very best products to care for your colour and condition of your hair. Hair is a material and the more we put it through the more it needs looking after, hence why we always recommend what we use.

We guarantee our home care ranges and if you’re not 100% happy then we’ll always refund or swap them until you are. With our shampoo’s starting at £11.50 (Invigo Brilliance) and conditioners at £13.50 (Invigo Brilliance) looking after your colour has never been so easy or such good value.

Step Three – Use high quality heat protecting styling products as a bare minimum when you blow dry your hair and especially if you love your irons as much as we do. You’ve got to look after that canvas which is holding all that wonderful colour pigment, and nothing wears hair out more than excessive heat ….    Most irons will reach a scorching 180 degrees Celsius (356 Fahrenheit, Gas Mark Ouch!) so this is doubly important if you’ve had bleach on your hair.

Step Four – Treat the hair…  Who doesn’t like a treat? Well guess what, your hair loves them! One of the very best ways to preserve, feed, create volume, soften, shine intensify a colour is a treatment either at the point of service or one of our take home ones to do once a week.

Be warned they are addictive, once you’ve felt and seen your hair after a treatment you’ll never go back, and for our H’ott Blondes try WellaPlex with your service, it strengthens and fortifies the hair like nothing else.

Step Five – Show off your Hair Ott colour to the world.  Please recommend us it’s the greatest compliment you can give…

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